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Monday, November 16

11:00 GMT+04

Using Neuroscience to Ensure Leaders Thrive and Survive in a Volatile World
When the world is round, don't pretend it’s flat; based on over a decade of Ashridge research, hundreds of senior leaders were asked two fundamental questions. First questions was “picture yourself 10 years ago, what do you know now that you wish you’d known then?” and the second was “what have been the most critical incidents during your career that have truly shaped and developed you as a leader?”. In this session Vicki will share with you the results of this research and the ‘fight or flight’ element that explores participants’ physiological response to critical leadership incidents. Join Vicki and find out how you can also shape your leaders for success in a volatile world.

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Vicki Culpin

Dean of Faculty & Director of Research, Ashridge Business School
Vicki specialises in organisational behaviour, specifically well-being at work. She has spent over 17 years in academia, researching memory with a variety of individuals including older adults, children and forensic populations. More recent research includes the relationship between... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 11:00 - 11:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 3

13:00 GMT+04

How L&D Managers Can Really Make an Impact on Employee Engagement

In this interactive sessions Tim Robson, bestselling author, international speaker and coach, will show you how to get the best of your employees by encouraging them to thrive and fulfil their potential. He will show you how to ensure they bring their best self to work – so they’ll really enjoy their job, feel good about themselves and start achieving great things. Learn to ignite some passion in your people and show them how to inspire that same drive in others, to improve performance, reduce costs and deliver against ever stretching commercial outcomes and competition.

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Tim Robson

Founder, Now Show Up
Tim Robson, Content Director of Now Show up and Bestselling Author of Showing Up: How to Make a Greater Impact at Work. An inspirational thinker, speaker and coach, Tim brings a fresh approach to performance, work and the professional mindset. As well as holding leadership positions... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 13:00 - 13:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 1

14:15 GMT+04

Social Learning is Taking Off, Are You On Board?

Discover how leading companies are leveraging social learning to improve their learning programs and culture. Social Learning, after a number of fits and starts, is finally taking off and gaining momentum. Today, over 70% of companies are using social or collaborative learning because they are realizing social learning plays a key role in establishing a culture where collaboration, innovation and learning thrive. We will explain how leading companies have redesigned their learning programs in similar ways to improve employee performance and elevate engagement with social learning. This will include how culture and leadership will shape your program and its adoption, the 3 most common objections and how to overcome them, and the skills and mind set your L&D team will need to embrace.

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Olivier Ghezi

Senior Vice President, Saba
Olivier Ghezi is responsible for managing Saba’s EMEA Continental Region, Japan and Middle-East. Olivier joined Saba in 2000 and established Saba’s presence in South Europe. Olivier then served as Senior Vice President EMEA, then managed Alliances & Channels globally and most... Read More →
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Tarek Kuzbari

Managing Director Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Saba
Tarek Kuzbari joined Saba Software in 2014 as the MD of Saba Software for META region, after working at Kaspersky Lab as a MD where he helped to expanding the brand in the region. Mr. Kuzbari has been recognized at the top 30 under 30 in GCC by Gulf Business Magazine as well as among... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 14:15 - 15:00 GMT+04
Seminar Room 1

15:15 GMT+04

Design Meaningful Experiences that Facilitate Learning, Performance, Productivity & Innovation

Designing the best fit between business /company goals and individual employee goals is a core challenge in a world where the characteristic of the workforce are changing ever more rapidly. So how do you tap into the core drivers of your present and future employees? (Re)designing the employee journey could be a starting point. KLM started at Onboarding and in this talk we will show how we crafted and designed the concept and how we developed and piloted the onboarding app “Take-Off”. Exclusive: you will also be amongst the first to learn the latest in blended learning: anytime, anywhere immersive learning - using real job environments, virtual reality and gamification.

Award Judges
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Guido Helmerhorst

Innovation Technology and Learning Lead, KLM
Guido Helmerhorst helps to reach business objectives while maximizing employee experience and engagement. In this time of change, with rising technology and a demanding workforce this challenge is pertinent. Guido connects (technical) innovations and concepts like design thinking... Read More →

Monday November 16, 2015 15:15 - 16:00 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2
Tuesday, November 17

10:00 GMT+04

Reinventing Learning: Bringing the Value of Neuroscience to L&D Practices
The purpose of the session will be to introduce or develop L&D professionals knowledge on the basics of neuroscience and to explore using case studies how Neuroscience can bring value to L&D practices within organisations. You will be exploring how to use brain based insights to inform learning design and delivery. You will understand how utilising the AGES Model in learning practices can benefit your organisation and what the challenges of incorporating neuroscience principles are.

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Tara Cherniawski

Chief Learning Officer, Inspirus Learning
Tara is an experienced coach and learning expert, working in the fields of leadership coaching, instructional design and facilitation for over 15 years both in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. She founded Inspirus Learning Consultancy based in Dubai in early 2015 where her passion... Read More →

Tuesday November 17, 2015 10:00 - 10:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2

11:00 GMT+04

Emotional Intelligence Capital: The Organisational Asset You Can't Afford to Ignore
This session will help you better understand how emotional and social skills impact your performance and how you can strengthen your effectiveness by using these skills successfully. It’s not just about how smart or experienced you are but also how and when to handle yourself and others. You will understand the important of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in organisations and discover its major components. You will be able to recognise the behaviours and characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person and identify areas where you can apply emotional intelligence. You will also be able to evaluate your own emotional strengths and opportunities for growth.

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Samineh Shaheem

Assistant Professor of Cross Cultural Psychology
Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Psychology, Learning & Development Specialist and the owner of Life Clubs UAE. Learning and development has been the main focus of her career (18 years), in a deep and deliberate manner, through the application of psychological and... Read More →

Tuesday November 17, 2015 11:00 - 11:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2

13:00 GMT+04

A Holistic Approach to Organisational Development

Improving performance and productivity in an organisation is often done in haphazard ways. The method used usually depends on newly discovered products, new guru insights, the personal view of the OD manager or those who have the most influence in the organisation. As a result, OD often oscillates between a focus on structural changes, performance management, training and development, culture change, strategic alignment, engagement, or other performance improvement measures. Seldom does it mean a structured holistic 18 months process which will address all these elements. The seminar will introduce and discuss the OD process that measures each element and provides an opportunity to benchmark the results. 

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Richard Scott Taylor

Managing Partner, Innesskirk Global
Scott is a recognized expert in legal matters such as preparation and presentation of legal cases, client interviews, strategy sessions and settlement conferences. He has diverse and in-depth  experience in the financial services industry, from specializing in regulatory compliance... Read More →

Tuesday November 17, 2015 13:00 - 13:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2

15:15 GMT+04

Insights For a New Generation of Custom Learning Interventions
In this session, Wolfgang from HEC Paris business school will share and explain some of the key drivers behind successful custom programming in the current market environment with a specific focus on the Middle East and the rapidly changing stakeholder expectations. Participants should expect to walk away with a new and updated framework on how to understand and capture the value of custom learning programs.

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Wolfgang Amann

Academic Director, HEC Paris
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Amann has been designing, directing and teaching in executive education seminars for more than 15 years. Based at HEC Paris in Qatar, he now serves as academic director of key custom programs in the Middle East. Next to his doctorate in international strategic management... Read More →

Tuesday November 17, 2015 15:15 - 16:00 GMT+04
Seminar Room 3
Wednesday, November 18

11:00 GMT+04

Positive Psychology and the Future of Assessments & Learning: Latest Developments for the HR Practioner

Our research shows that companies in the GCC spend an average of USD 19,395 per graduate and USD 33,200 per leader annually towards learning and development. A majority of this budget is spent on developing soft skills such as communication and team-work. However, recent developments in positive psychology have proven that assessing and developing attributes such as grit, resilience, self-efficacy and positive mindset are absolutely crucial for your workforce, both for nationals and expats. This engaging session by leading experts David Jones & Radhika Punshi will showcase the latest research and practice of strengths-based approaches to psychometric assessment and learning. A session not-to-be-missed. 

avatar for David Jones

David Jones

Managing Director, The Talent Enterprise
David is a Co-Founder and the Managing Director at The Talent Enterprise. With a background in labour market economics, David has over 23 years of work experience spanning consulting and line HR in Europe & the Middle East. He has recently co-authored a book on the talent landscape... Read More →
avatar for Radhika Punshi

Radhika Punshi

Director of Innovation, The Talent Enterprise
Radhika is the Consulting Director at The Talent Enterprise. As an HR professional and organisational psychologist, she has lived and worked in the GCC region for over 12 years. Her prime focus is on nationalisation and local talent development, with an emphasis on gender and youth... Read More →

Wednesday November 18, 2015 11:00 - 11:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2

12:00 GMT+04

Building a Successful Coaching Culture Based on ICF Research

More and more organizations have recognized the value in building a culture of coaching that offers employees at all levels—not just executives and managers—the opportunity to grow their skills, enhance their value and reach their professional goals. But not all coaching is equal. To ensure successful results that go beyond skills training and truly enable the company to increase employee engagement and retention, the organization must develop a comprehensive coaching plan that addresses both current and future needs. The International Coach Federation (ICF) presents research to assist organisations in making better decisions when looking for a coaching culture shift.

avatar for Nic Woodthorpe-Wright

Nic Woodthorpe-Wright

Managing Director, WWA Coaching
Nic Woodthorpe-Wright PCC is Past President of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Dubai Chapter, where he served as President for 2 years 2012-14. He is a founding member of regional ICF representation and continues to drive understanding and awareness about coaching in the... Read More →

Wednesday November 18, 2015 12:00 - 12:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2

13:00 GMT+04

Understanding Executive Coaching and its Role in Developing National Leaders
This interactive panel discussion with heavyweight panellists puts executive coaching into perspective and the context of national leadership development.  The session will propose questions like: How does executive coaching fit into wider National development programmes? What are the unique challenges for executive coaching in the GCC? What are the key elements of a powerful executive coaching process? How do you ‘sell’ the benefits of executive coaching within your organisation? With whom and when is executive coaching most effective?

avatar for Youssef Salloum

Youssef Salloum

Human Resources Director, Goodyear MEA
Youssef Salloum is a respected educator on personal development & leadership delivering the breakthrough courses Leadership Awakening & Art of Leadership. His purpose is to develop people & organizations by sharing his knowledge with those that have a passion to succeed. He has... Read More →

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Ibrahim Moosa Jamel

Director of Operations, Dubai Knowledge Village
Ibrahim Moosa Jamel is Director of Operations for Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). Ibrahim has more than 25 years of experience in Human Resource Management covering various fields of the HR profession in some of the largest and most dynamic... Read More →
avatar for Anna Schebsdat

Anna Schebsdat

Managing Director, Eruditus Executive Education
Anna is the Managing Director of Eruditus Executive Education in the MENA, credited with setting up the branch office in 2013. Anna’s experience spans across Executive Education and FMCG in Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, where she has managed categories worth USD24... Read More →
avatar for Suhail Bin Tarraf

Suhail Bin Tarraf

Chief Executive Officer, Tanfeeth
Suhail previously spent ten years in senior leadership positions at Emirates NBD; the leading banking group in the GCC.  Suhail’s last role at Emirates NBD was as General Manager, Human Resources (HR). He was credited as one of the pioneers of the 2007 merger between Emirates Bank... Read More →
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Tom Young

Director and Master Certified Coach, Spring Coaching
Tom is an executive & team coach with 25 years’ experience catalyzing growth in the corporate world. He has a proven track-record as a knowledgeable, challenging, and effective coach for C-suite and senior leaders across multiple industries and countries. A pioneer of coaching in... Read More →

Wednesday November 18, 2015 13:00 - 13:45 GMT+04
Seminar Room 1

14:15 GMT+04

L&D Strategies for Maximum Employee Engagement – LUX* Maldives Resort Case Study
Striving to be an employer of choice in the world’s most competitive hospitality destination is not an easy feat. Maldives is home to 112 resorts all operating on a unique ‘one island –one resort concept with an average of 600 employees living as well as working on each island. Join Afeef in this informative presentation where he will highlight the robust strategies implemented in one of the Maldives leading resorts to attract and develop key talent in order to achieve maximum engagement and retention results and best practices of implementing strong employee engagement strategies and opportunities to engage employees at all levels.

avatar for Hussain Afeef

Hussain Afeef

Director of Training and Development, LUX* Maldives
Experienced in the areas of HR strategy, talent, performance management and learning and development, Afeef Hussain has been in the hospitality industry for over 14 years. He has lived and worked in diverse geographies including Malaysia, Singapore the Middle East. Currently at the... Read More →

Wednesday November 18, 2015 14:15 - 15:00 GMT+04
Seminar Room 2

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